Heart Action

The Heart Action was a celebration of love, hope and faith that brought together more than 35 thousand people in Praça Mauá, Santos-SP, on August 2, 2012, in honor of the memory of the Santos actor Eduardo Furkini, deceased A year earlier.

The Action was carried out by the Association Eduardo Furkini and during the campaign in July in a large mobilization, people gathered to make fabric hearts of various colors sizes stuffed with a good intention. On August 2, in Plaza Mauá, these hearts were distributed in a chain of love and fraternity.

This day was so remarkable that it came to appear in the official calendar of the city of Santos. Municipal Law No. 2884 of December 19, 2012, instituted the "Day of Heart Action", to be celebrated annually, on the second of August.

To Perform the Action of the Heart outside the city of Santos:

The Eduardo Furkini Association owns the "Heart Action" brand, and the campaign outside the city of Santos must respect certain criteria:

1- The "Heart Action" is legally registered, therefore, no one can perform it, without proper contact with the record holder, the Eduardo Furkini Association;

2- For the accomplishment of the Action of the Heart, there is a Basic Legal Norm, that the cities that wish to realize it, must observe, from the signature of a term of partnership;

3- The date of June 13 is the official launch date for Heart Action around the world. It can not be served on any media before this date;

4- The Heart Action has no political / partisan, so unreligious link. It is an Action for the donation of love, affection and respect for others;

5- Observations: the public power, ecumenical groups that exist in the city, the social fund, schools and civil entities must be properly articulated, in order to promote the workshops and all the work that precedes the delivery of hearts in a public square On August 2nd.

To perform the Heart Action, contact the Eduardo Furkini Association, in order to clarify the necessary points and referral of the basic norms of participation, in this movement of Love.

Call the Eduardo Furkini Association